[fgcscw] EUSSET: some news, get member, and elections

Dear colleagues interested in EUSSET, there are some news with regard to EUSSET (www.eusset.eu) which I would like to share: – we have finished the transition process from ECSCW and COOP conferences into one annual conference: the ECSCW conference to be held in the future every year in early summer (june) – ECSCW will have different submission categoeries, the long papers will be published in the CSCW journal (already the case for ECSCW 2017), other submissions will be published in the EUSSET Digital library:http://www.eusset.eu/digital-library/ – we have now implemented an EUSSET membership model. You can become a member of EUSSET at: www.eusset.eu/membership/registration/ – membership fees are 50 Euros per year, they enable reduced registration fees for EUSSET conferences, such as ECSCW and C&T -membership also supports the EUSSET Digital Library which offers all ECSCW proceedings (since 1989), the COOP proceedings since 2005, and a lot of interesting other materials from our field. The EUSSET DL will stay free of charge – we plan to have elections this summer – for the EUSSET chair, chair elect and some more offices, such as EU Lobbying, Conference Liaisons, Community monitoring, Young Faculty support/career management advisor, tresurer, etc. Any volunteers for these offices? – negotiations with the CSCW stiring committee of ACM-CHI let to an alignment of the international conference schedules in our field: ACM-CSCW (late autumn, annually), ECSCW (early summer, annually), ACM-Group (late winter, biannually) So EUSSET is developping into a workable academic institution. Please let us know – in case you see problems and/or have more suggestions …… Yours sincerely, Myriam Lewkowicz and Volker wulf