*** First Call for Papers *** 5th European Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems ECBS 2017 Lordos Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus 31 August – 1 September, 2017 www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/~george/lm/lm.php?tk=Zmdjc2N3CQkJZmdjc2N3QGxpc3RzLmxyei5kZQk1dGggRXVyb3BlYW4gQ29uZmVyZW5jZSBvbiB0aGUgRW5naW5lZXJpbmcgb2YgQ29tcHV0ZXIgQmFzZWQgU3lzdGVtcyAoRUNCUyAyMDE3KTogRmlyc3QgQ2F… In Cooperation with ACM SIGAPP, SIGOPS and SIGSOFT ECBS 2017 is a formal meeting dedicated to formulating and advancing methods, techniques, and tools for engineering of computer-based systems. The conference is devoted to the design, development, deployment, and analysis of the complex systems whose behavior is largely determined or controlled by computers. Such systems are characterized by functional, performance, and reliability requirements that mandate the tight integration of information processing and physical processes. ECBS integrates software, hardware, and communication perspective of system engineering through its many facets that include system modeling, requirements specification, simulation, architectures, safety, security, reliability, human-computer interaction, system integration, verification and validation, high performance/parallel computing, cloud-based technologies, and project management. The conference provides a bridge between industry and academia, blending academic research and industrial development. The proceedings will be published in the International Conference Proceedings Series of ACM and after the conference they will be accessible in the ACM Digital Library. A Best Paper Award will be presented to the best paper presented at the conference, and a Best Student Paper Award will be presented to the best paper written solely or mostly by students. Scope Papers are sought which reflect this intent in fundamental ECBS technologies and application domains including, but not limited to the following topics: · Agile and Lean Approaches and Human Aspects of Software Development · Architectures · Advanced Modularity · Cloud-based Applications · Co-Design · Component-Based System Design · Cyber-Physical Systems · Parallel & Distributed Systems · Parallel Programming Methodologies and Languages · FPGA Systems Design · ECBS Infrastructure (Tools and Environments) · Education and Training · Embedded Real-Time Software Systems · Integration Engineering · Lifecycle Processes and Process Evolution · Model-Based System Development · Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems · Networked Control Systems · Reengineering & Reuse · Reliability, Safety, Dependability, and Security · Software Engineering · System Assessment, Testing, and Metrics · Verification and Validation Industrial reports of practical solutions, trends, and new system characteristics for ECBS, taking an integrated systems approach, are particularly welcome. They may target application domains such as: Aerospace Systems, Command and Control, Continuous and Discrete Manufacturing, Environmental Systems, Instrumentation and Control Applications, Internet Technology and Applications, Intelligent Highway- Vehicle Systems (IHVS), Medical Systems, High Performance Computing Development Environments and Applications, and Telecommunications. Submission of Papers The conference solicits regular (no more than 10 pages) and short papers (no more than 4 pages). The Program Committee may require an accepted paper to be adapted into a short paper or extended abstract (no more than 2 pages and poster presentation only). All papers must be prepared according to the ACM SIG Proceedings Template format (see the conference web site for further information). The papers must be original contributions not submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere. A submitted contribution should clearly indicate the conference topics it targets. For an accepted contribution to be included in the proceedings, at least one author must register and present the paper at the conference. For further information, see the submission guidelines on the conference web site. Important Dates · Submission of Papers: 1 May, 2017 · Notification of Acceptance: 1 July, 2017 · Camera-ready Submission: 17 July, 2017 · Registration and Payment for Authors: 17 July, 2017 · Early Registration for Non-Authors: 9 August, 2017 Organization General Chair · George A. Papadopoulos, University of Cyprus, Cyprus Program Chair · Ondrej Rysavy, Brno University of Technology , Czech Republic Program Co-Chair · Valentino Vranic, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia Steering Committee · Hassan Charaf, ECBS-EERC 2013 General Chair · George Angelos Papadopoulos, General Chair · Miroslav Popovic, ECBS-EERC 2009 General Chair · Ondrej Rysavy, ECBS-EERC 2015 General Chair · Valentino Vranic, ECBS-EERC 2011 General Chair Program Committee www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/~george/lm/lm.php?tk=Zmdjc2N3CQkJZmdjc2N3QGxpc3RzLmxyei5kZQk1dGggRXVyb3BlYW4gQ29uZmVyZW5jZSBvbiB0aGUgRW5naW5lZXJpbmcgb2YgQ29tcHV0ZXIgQmFzZWQgU3lzdGVtcyAoRUNCUyAyMDE3KTogRmlyc3QgQ2F…

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