*** First Call for Doctoral Consortium *** 21st European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems Hilton Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus 24 – 27 September, 2017 www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/~george/lm/lm.php?tk=Zmdjc2N3CQkJZmdjc2N3QGxpc3RzLmxyei5kZQkyMXN0IEV1cm9wZWFuIENvbmZlcmVuY2Ugb24gQWR2YW5jZXMgaW4gRGF0YWJhc2VzIGFuZCBJbmZvcm1hdGlvbiBTeXN0ZW1zIChBREJJUyAyMDE3KTogRml… The internationally recognized ADBIS conference already for 21 years is gathering researchers and practitioners around topics related to databases, data processing, and information systems, in general. The conference is run in Europe but attracts researchers from all over the world. The 21st ADBIS conference will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus. The conference is accompanied by satellite events, including doctoral consortia and workshops. DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM The Doctoral Consortium (DC) is a forum where PhD students can present their research ideas, confront them with the scientific community, receive feedback from mentors, and tie cooperation bounds. Students will receive inspiration from their peers and will have a chance to discuss their research objectives with senior members of the community in the context of an established international conference. The DC session will take place on September 24, in parallel with the workshop sessions. Each participant will present her/his work, followed by a discussion with senior researchers. ELIGIBILITY We seek PhD students who have either determined the direction of their thesis research (probably with some preliminary results already published), but who still have substantial work to complete, or PhD student participants who are in the early stages of their dissertation year. It is not required to have a paper accepted for the main conference in order to participate in the DC. SUBMISSIONS To apply to the DC, please submit a single-authored paper (which will appear in the proceedings of DC), accompanied by a short email from the thesis advisor stating support for your participation in the DC, describing the current status of the thesis research, and giving your expected date of graduation. The papers for DC should be at most 12 pages in Springer format (formatting instructions can be obtained via www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/~george/lm/lm.php?tk=Zmdjc2N3CQkJZmdjc2N3QGxpc3RzLmxyei5kZQkyMXN0IEV1cm9wZWFuIENvbmZlcmVuY2Ugb24gQWR2YW5jZXMgaW4gRGF0YWJhc2VzIGFuZCBJbmZvcm1hdGlvbiBTeXN0ZW1zIChBREJJUyAyMDE3KTogRml… and describe the state of the whole PhD project, rather than a specific completed result. The paper should outline the objectives, the problem, state of the art, results obtained so far, and what is still to be done in the frame of the PhD project. If an author prefers to present a completed research result, the paper should be submitted to the main conference or one of accompanying workshops. A paper submitted to the DC may not be under review for any other conference or journal during the time it is being considered for the DC. Submissions should be made electronically in PDF format at CMT: www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/~george/lm/lm.php?tk=Zmdjc2N3CQkJZmdjc2N3QGxpc3RzLmxyei5kZQkyMXN0IEV1cm9wZWFuIENvbmZlcmVuY2Ugb24gQWR2YW5jZXMgaW4gRGF0YWJhc2VzIGFuZCBJbmZvcm1hdGlvbiBTeXN0ZW1zIChBREJJUyAyMDE3KTogRml…. In case of multiple files, please submit a single compressed file (zip or rar). After logging into CMT, please choose the „ADBIS 2017 Doctoral Consortium“ track. REVIEW PROCESS Each paper submitted to the DC will be reviewed by at least two members of the DC program committee and will be judged based on originality, technical merit, presentation quality, and relevance. The authors of successful submissions must take into account the reviewers‘ comments during the preparation of the final version and describe the changes in a separate document to be submitted together with the final camera-ready version. The program committee reserves the right to reject a paper if the final version does not meet the requirements above. Applications not adhering to the provided guidelines (including page limits) will not be considered. The authors of accepted papers must register to the conference, attend the DC and present their work. PROCEEDINGS The DC papers will be published by Springer, together with the ADBIS workshops proceedings, in the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing series. IMPORTANT DATES · Submission: May 19, 2017 · Acceptance/Rejection Notification: June 30, 2017 · Camera-ready Submission: July 14, 2017 · Doctoral Consortium: September 24, 2017 COMMITTEES Steering Committee Chair · Leonid Kalinichenko, Russian Academy of Science, Russia General Chair · George A. Papadopoulos, University of Cyprus, Cyprus Program Chairs · Marite Kirikova, Riga Technical University, Latvia · Kjetil Norvag, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway Proceedings Chair · Christos Mettouris, University of Cyprus, Cyprus Workshops Chairs · Johann Gamper, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy · Robert Wrembel, Poznan University of Technology, Poland Doctoral Consortium Chairs · Jerome Darmont, Universite Lyon 2, France · Stefano Rizzi, University of Bologna, Italy

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