*** Last Call for Student Travelling Support *** 22nd ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces IUI 2017 St. Raphael Resort, Limassol, Cyprus March 13-16, 2017 www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/~george/lm/lm.php?tk=Zmdjc2N3CQkJZmdjc2N3QGxpc3RzLmxyei5kZQkyMm5kIEFDTSBJbnRlcm5hdGlvbmFsIENvbmZlcmVuY2Ugb24gSW50ZWxsaWdlbnQgVXNlciBJbnRlcmZhY2VzIChJVUkgMjAxNyk6IExhc3QgQ2FsbCBmb3I… Following the tradition of previous years, we will offer student participation support provided by SIGCHI to attend the IUI Conference. This support is in the form of a small stipend to cover the registration fee and partially cover the costs of travel and living expenses while attending the conference. The students will be reimbursed for their expenses after the conference. All students who get travel grants from SIGCHI must send us a paragraph about their experience and a headshot before they will be reimbursed. You must be a member of SIGCHI before you apply ($19 dues). The objective of IUI’s student support is to encourage students interested in subjects related to Intelligent User Interfaces to become active members of the IUI community. To apply, the student should be actively enrolled as a student in an academic institution. Priority will be given to students who are first authors of accepted papers and to participants in the doctoral consortium. Recipients of the stipend are also expected to help the conference organization as student volunteers. The level of support will be determined by the availability of funds and the number of eligible applications. The application should include: 1. Full name 2. Email address 3. The school you are attending, your major, and the country in which the school resides 4. If you will present at the conference, please provide the title of the submission and its type (e.g., research paper, student consortium, demo). Please note if you have submitted but have not found out if your submission has been accepted 5. A short statement describing your research interests and how you wish to benefit from attending this conference 6. The location you are flying from and the cost for your airfare, as determined by the availability of low-cost economy fares for travel to the conference. Please describe any other expenses you expect to accrue, but do not include registration and housing costs, as they are similar for all students 7. A letter of recommendation from your thesis or doctoral advisor (or supervising faculty member) sent separately by email to the Student Consortium Co-Chairs. If you are also applying to the Student Consortium, one appropriately worded recommendation letter can be used for both applications, or you may submit a slightly different letter for each application 8. You must be a member of SIGCHI before you apply The application The SSTG application has two parts: an application form that is submitted by the student; and a letter of support from the student’s advisor that the student will attach to his or her application. More information and a link for submitting an application (available a month before the deadline, early July 2016) can be found on the SIGCHI website (www.sigchi.org/conferences/funding/student-travel-grant). Submit your single, combined PDF (except letter of recommendation, must be a separate PDF to attach to the application) to PCS by the deadline! The application round opens in early July, create an account/login to PCS, and look for the submission link under SIGCHI. Deadline for applications for student support: August 1st, 2016. Notification of Results: August 15th, 2016.

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