Call for Papers Track Interaktionen und Interfaces @ WI 2017 (12.2.-15.2.2017 in St. Gallen, Switzerland) In our world that is full of digital communication and information offerings the effective usage of computers – especially the effective interaction between human and computer – determines personal success and participation in society and the acceptance of technology, the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and of business model innovations. In this context, a directly comprehensible or self-explanatory use is an important sub-goal in lowering the requirements for access – both in applications for supporting private communication (for example in social media) and in applications for collaboration in enterprises (for example applications from the domain of Industry 4.0 / Cyber Physical Systems). Despite respectable progress in the past years especially the transparent integration still holds big challenges and opportunities. This track addresses different topics around Human-Computer-Interaction, Computer-Supported Collaborative Work, E-Learning, Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems and User-adaptive Systems. The following list of possible topics is neither exclusive nor concluding. All types of interesting and innovative research around the interaction of human and computer is welcome. We also welcome all different research methods including analytical, conceptual, design oriented, empirical and theoretical approaches. Possible topics • Interactions in the Internet of Things and in Cyber Physical Systems • Participative and socially acceptable design of Cyber Physical Systems • Interactions with mobile and social media • Interactions with Pervasive Systems in medical science, production, work and leisure • Pervasive und ubiquitous support for knowledge management • Interaction und interfaces in Open Innovation • Usable Privacy and safety in the Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems • Analysis and modelling of interactions and interfaces in different application areas (e-business, knowledge management, leisure and entertainment, transportation, engineering medical science etc.) • Interactions in business processes and business models • Economic and societal aspects of interactions and interfaces From the submissions in this track we will select some to be invited for a special issue of the journal i-com – Journal of Interactive Media. Submission of Papers: August 26, 2016 Notification of Fast- and Constructive AE Rejects: September 16, 2016 Notification of Review Results: October 17, 2016 Submission of Revised Papers: November 03, 2016 For more information see

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